Update on Hour Late Start

Late Start Information: Elementary schools in ECSD will implement late start on Wednesdays for the 2018-2019 school year. Middle and High Schools have used the late start on Wednesdays for teacher collaboration for the past five years. The ECSD Board of Education has approved elementary schools to begin one hour later on Wednesday beginning with the second Wednesday of the 2018-2019 school year - September 12, 2018. Buses will run one hour late on Wednesdays, and will otherwise be on the same schedule of pick up. For example, if your child’s bus stop is at 7:20 AM regularly, it will be at 8:20 AM on Wednesdays. For students who will ride the bus to school on Wednesdays, they will arrive at approximately 8:40. The transportation department will also be communicating with families about schedules and bus routes by the beginning of the next school year.

Many children can simply be allowed to sleep later, go to breakfast with a parent, or be cared for by an older sibling on these Wednesdays. Supervision will begin at 8:40 in the gym (as usual) for students who are bussed, who walk, and who arrive by car. IF your family cannot accommodate the late start time, BCES will be providing before school care. This care will start at 7:40. Students will be supervised by the permanent substitute and paraprofessionals. For more information on late start, please contact the school directly.

Updates on Fundraising and Why

You asked. We listened.

Updates to fundraising and why.

Last year, we surveyed the school and heard back from 100 families on changes you wanted to see.  Your feedback was clearly heard! Based on your input, we’ve made changes to how we are doing fundraising this year. We are reducing the total number of fundraisers, and increasing the number of student-focused activities that don’t cost money.  Here’s the breakdown of what’s changing:

·      Bobcat Fair has been replaced by Field Day, focused on student activity achievement.

·      Butter Braids products will no longer be sold as a 4th grade field trip fundraiser.

·      Snowshoe Shuffle will now just be a student event without fundraising associated.

·      Student Council “Bring in $1” events have been moved to every First Friday of the month, for consistency.

·      School Parking spots will part of the Greenhouse Harvest Dinner event.

So, what’s the impact of these changes?  First thing to note is that there are different fundraising groups at BCES:  PTA, grade-specific field trip fundraising and student council. Our conservative PTA budget is based on $20,000 in revenue, with over half of that amount coming from the annual Wild West Days event.   This money goes towards  technology, student enrichment programs (like Greenhouse and Spanish), classroom projects, student need-based scholarships and teacher appreciation activities. 

Our goal is to raise $10,000 through only two fundraisers:  our new Harvest Dinner, benefitting the Greenhouse and our new Annual Giving Campaign.  This Annual Giving Campaign is the anti-fundraising effort to support our children, without taxing our parents.  We hope you will consider a one-time donation to help us meet our $10,000 goal at a level you feel comfortable giving.  Learn more about the benefits of the giving levels on our website at: bcespta.com/fundraising

Bobcat Circle:  $500+
Principal Circle:  $250
Impact Level:  $100

Supporter: $50
Friend:  up to $50

This $20,000 conservative budget does NOT include grade-specific fundraising for activities like 100 Elk, and Denver Museum trips. Historically, parents of students in those grades have held fundraisers.  The funds have gone to help reduce the high cost of trips ($100-$300 per student).  This year, proceeds from the annual Turkey Trot will continue to support the 4th grade field trip.  Our annual “Laps for Love” event in February will also fund grade-specific field trip activities.  A donation site for Laps of Love will be set up so friends and family can support those efforts, should they choose to participate.

The most requested change was to stop selling products, which means that Butter Braids will not be sold this year.  Some parents have expressed disappointment with this decision, and we hear you as well. At the end of the year, we will again survey our families and determine if Butter Braid sales are desired next year.

We’re exited about these new changes, and are working to make your lives easier, while still supporting our school.  Your feedback is important.  Visit our website at bcespta.com/fundraising or attend an upcoming meeting to learn more!

October Updates

First PTA Meeting Update

What amazing participation at the first PTA meeting held at Luigi’s Pasta House!  We had incredible attendance; much more than expected, which is awesome!  Over the course of the meeting, we approved this year’s budget, got an update on the success of Wild West Days, and learned important updates about the status of 3A &3B from our Board of Education representative, Felicia Battle.  We tabled a vote on project spending, as the final, prioritized list is still a work in progress.  We’ll discuss next steps there at our November Board meeting.  Meeting minutes are available at bcespta.com.

Following the meeting, a great night of social time was had by all!  We’re also excited to partner with Colors Coffee Roasters for a future meeting venue!  Future meetings (both open board meetings and full PTA meetings, will be held at Colors.  Our next open board meeting is Wednesday, Nov 1st at 5:30pm at Colors.   We will be discussing the upcoming Greenhouse Harvest Dinner, Turkey Trot and spending of Wild West Day earnings.


More About Your PTA

There are a lot of new faces in PTA!  Us newbies are busy learning about all the things involved in running our Parent Teacher Association, and BOY! – there’s a lot to learn.  Bear with us as we continue to get organized! We welcome your voices at our open board meetings, or your presence at our upcoming PTA meetings.  Come learn more about how you can get involved!

2017-18 PTA Board

Aspen Kron, President

Jenni Weisberger, Vice President

Janine Bartok, Treasuer

Heather Uzdavinis, Secretary

Alisa Bivins - Greenhouse

Heather Beckett – Health & Wellness

Stephanie Kolczak

Amy Packer

Jamie Salyer – Reflections

Brooke Cole – Principal


Upcoming Meetings

Open Board Meeting 11/1 5:30p Colors

PTA General Update 12/1, 12/2 prior to Holiday Performances


September Updates

Newly Launched Website!

Our new website is now live.  Check us out at bcespta.com , your one source connection for all things Brush Creek Elementary!  From here, you can access the school calendar with details on upcoming events, get links to classroom resources, and learn more about fundraising and volunteer opportunities.   Even more exciting, we now take online payments!  PTA membership gives you even more benefits and access.  Learn more at bcespta.com!


You Spoke; We Listened!

Thank you to over 100 families that responded to the first ever PTA feedback survey.  We used this important information to create our 2017-18 objectives and make some significant changes to how we operate.  If you’d like to learn more about the fresh faces and new direction of the PTA, please visit bcespta.com, or send us an email at brushcreekpta@gmail.com.

Check your email filters! Important information will now come from brushcreekpta.com!

2017-2018 Priorities

Consistent Communication

Current Challenges

  1. Lots of emails!  It's really hard to keep up with those coming from the teachers, school and the various flyers folders.
  2. Links to various resources and associated logins come home on paper and promptly get lost.
  3. Technology is used in the classroom, but no access to see what my child is doing.

Proposed Solution

Our goal is to determine a consistent classroom to parent communication plan that lasts year after year.  Using a combination of technology platforms, we'll reduce individual emails into a consolidated newsletter, create a single location for parent resources, and provide links to classroom technology.

Consolidated Fundraising

Current Challenge

Ohhhhh... the fundraising!  It's important, but it does wear you down.  Selling products, school fairs and talent shows, turkey trot, laps for love, and then there's the "donate a dollar" events!  Gracious, it feels like every time you turn around, you're being asked for cash!

Key Components
Create fundraising strategy and yearly execution plan with identified revenue and spend targets
Establish written documentation on policies/procedures for fundraising spend
Identify all fundraising channels across grades
Create messaging and communication around planned events and spend (visual and vocal)

Coordinated Volunteer Efforts

Key Components
Establish volunteer coordinator lead
Create volunteer strategy and execution plan to match volunteer roles (both school, classroom) to opportunities
Create single list of volunteers by skills, interest, availability, etc
Create messaging and communication on volunteer efforts (visual and vocal)

This Ain't Your Mamma's PTA!

True story:  following fellowship with friends and beverages, a text reminder, and my first PTA meeting, I suddenly found myself nominated for the soon-to-be-opened president position. 

Now, anyone will tell you that a "coffee and conversation" session with some friends will generate powerful energy: ideas for change and innovation, passion for justice and procedure, and the readiness to jump on a bandwagon with guns a-blazing!

So, here we are. I'm your new PTA president. One that has led previously in learning innovation, organized large dollar figure fundraisers, and has a passion for empowering teachers to feed a child's natural curiosity...and I'm excited!  

We have a fantastic staff. We have amazing kids. We have invested parents. Let's get all those adjectives focused. Next year, we are working on three major strategies: consistent communication, consolidated fundraising and coordinated volunteer efforts.  

If you feel called in helping lead any of these three efforts, I urge you to raise your hand. We encourage our children to lead. I encourage you to be a role model to them. 

As we move forward, we need a PTA that is focused in direction, organized in process and innovative in ideas. Mostly, we need passionate people to join us!

Two years ago, our family moved here from Atlanta, GA, and I attended the summer ice cream welcome social knowing exactly one person. It was sorta scary, really; however, the fear was unfounded. This community is really special. People were welcoming to me; friendships are waiting for you. 

Please come play with us. We're going to make some great things happen at our school, and we can definitely do it having a great time building new relationships with some great people. 

First things first.... Take our end of year survey by clicking here

Now, join us.  Click here for more info on how to get involved.