This Ain't Your Mamma's PTA!

True story:  following fellowship with friends and beverages, a text reminder, and my first PTA meeting, I suddenly found myself nominated for the soon-to-be-opened president position. 

Now, anyone will tell you that a "coffee and conversation" session with some friends will generate powerful energy: ideas for change and innovation, passion for justice and procedure, and the readiness to jump on a bandwagon with guns a-blazing!

So, here we are. I'm your new PTA president. One that has led previously in learning innovation, organized large dollar figure fundraisers, and has a passion for empowering teachers to feed a child's natural curiosity...and I'm excited!  

We have a fantastic staff. We have amazing kids. We have invested parents. Let's get all those adjectives focused. Next year, we are working on three major strategies: consistent communication, consolidated fundraising and coordinated volunteer efforts.  

If you feel called in helping lead any of these three efforts, I urge you to raise your hand. We encourage our children to lead. I encourage you to be a role model to them. 

As we move forward, we need a PTA that is focused in direction, organized in process and innovative in ideas. Mostly, we need passionate people to join us!

Two years ago, our family moved here from Atlanta, GA, and I attended the summer ice cream welcome social knowing exactly one person. It was sorta scary, really; however, the fear was unfounded. This community is really special. People were welcoming to me; friendships are waiting for you. 

Please come play with us. We're going to make some great things happen at our school, and we can definitely do it having a great time building new relationships with some great people. 

First things first.... Take our end of year survey by clicking here

Now, join us.  Click here for more info on how to get involved.