Update on Hour Late Start

Late Start Information: Elementary schools in ECSD will implement late start on Wednesdays for the 2018-2019 school year. Middle and High Schools have used the late start on Wednesdays for teacher collaboration for the past five years. The ECSD Board of Education has approved elementary schools to begin one hour later on Wednesday beginning with the second Wednesday of the 2018-2019 school year - September 12, 2018. Buses will run one hour late on Wednesdays, and will otherwise be on the same schedule of pick up. For example, if your child’s bus stop is at 7:20 AM regularly, it will be at 8:20 AM on Wednesdays. For students who will ride the bus to school on Wednesdays, they will arrive at approximately 8:40. The transportation department will also be communicating with families about schedules and bus routes by the beginning of the next school year.

Many children can simply be allowed to sleep later, go to breakfast with a parent, or be cared for by an older sibling on these Wednesdays. Supervision will begin at 8:40 in the gym (as usual) for students who are bussed, who walk, and who arrive by car. IF your family cannot accommodate the late start time, BCES will be providing before school care. This care will start at 7:40. Students will be supervised by the permanent substitute and paraprofessionals. For more information on late start, please contact the school directly.