2017-2018 Priorities

Consistent Communication

Current Challenges

  1. Lots of emails!  It's really hard to keep up with those coming from the teachers, school and the various flyers folders.
  2. Links to various resources and associated logins come home on paper and promptly get lost.
  3. Technology is used in the classroom, but no access to see what my child is doing.

Proposed Solution

Our goal is to determine a consistent classroom to parent communication plan that lasts year after year.  Using a combination of technology platforms, we'll reduce individual emails into a consolidated newsletter, create a single location for parent resources, and provide links to classroom technology.

Consolidated Fundraising

Current Challenge

Ohhhhh... the fundraising!  It's important, but it does wear you down.  Selling products, school fairs and talent shows, turkey trot, laps for love, and then there's the "donate a dollar" events!  Gracious, it feels like every time you turn around, you're being asked for cash!

Key Components
Create fundraising strategy and yearly execution plan with identified revenue and spend targets
Establish written documentation on policies/procedures for fundraising spend
Identify all fundraising channels across grades
Create messaging and communication around planned events and spend (visual and vocal)

Coordinated Volunteer Efforts

Key Components
Establish volunteer coordinator lead
Create volunteer strategy and execution plan to match volunteer roles (both school, classroom) to opportunities
Create single list of volunteers by skills, interest, availability, etc
Create messaging and communication on volunteer efforts (visual and vocal)